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Welcome to Health and Yoga Melbourne.

For over 12 years we have been helping people restore their natural balance in body and mind though physical movement, yoga classes, breath and meditation.

We help people improve their physical health, energy levels and wellbeing, as well has recovery from challenges to health such injury and chronic illness. This can be tailored individually in a private setting or in a group class depending on your needs.

The exercises you will learn at Health and Yoga Melbourne can be adjusted to suit your abilities, so no matter what your age or fitness level, there is a practice that you will enjoy and benefit from. This may range from a practice that is more physical to help you build strength and fitness, or working more gently to aid in injury recovery, flexibility and balance.

Health and Yoga Melbourne is located in Malvern in a light filled and peaceful studio with a calm and relaxing atmosphere. We specialise in Calligraphy Yoga, Yoga Synergy, Yoga Therapy and Calligraphy Health, and Seniors Classes. From time to time we offer workshops with the founders of these styles of practice, as well as workshops in meditation.

Common health challenges we help with include:

• Stress relief

• Blood circulation

• Digestion

• Releasing excessive resting tension in the tissues of the body

• Insomnia

• Improving breathing efficiency

• Improving your body’s energy delivery and circulation

• Helping to heal chronic back and neck injuries

• Alleviation of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome conditions

Yoga Classes Melbourne

We offer yoga classes and private tuition from our studio in Malvern 6 days a week. Please see our class schedule.


The principal teacher and yoga therapy practitioner Roman Kouzmenko is a registered senior teacher at Yoga Australia and has been teaching for over 14 years.

We warmly welcome you to come and try one of our classes and see for yourself how a calligraphy health or yoga synergy class can help you feel great and get you back on the path to better health and vitality.

Please call us on 0419 369 364 or click ‘Book Now’ above for an appointment.

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Health & Yoga Melbourne

Health & Yoga Studio Malvern / Armadale

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Health & Yoga Studio Malvern